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CH41 7AL
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About Us


About WirralCarers

This site was originally created approximately 12 years ago with funding from various sources. We have now given this site a complete overhaul to reflect current trends. The funding has been obtained from sources set aside for the use of Wirral Carers.

The previous site boasted an internet chat room but this proved to be un popular judging by the membership so it was agreed the current Carers website should contain information and guidance as well as a facility to contact the Carers Team by email info@wirralcarers.co.uk or by telephone 0151 670 0777.


Wired was created in 1st April 2003 by merging Living Options and Wirral Association for Disability.


Our vision is of a society in which disabled people and carers can lead full and independent lives fully participating in society.


Our mission is to promote the equality, dignity and independence of disabled people and carers.

Wired works to a number of Key Principles,
these are:

  • Empowerment: we believe that people should have control over their own lives.
  • Choice of where to live and how to maintain independence without over protection.
  • Consultation: involvement in service planning by disabled people and carers.
  • Information: clear and easily available.
  • Participation in local, regional and national communities.
  • Recognition that disability is not synonymous with illness.
  • Autonomy: the freedom to make decisions about life.

Wired works with groups and individuals building partnerships between professionals, clients and ourselves.


WIRED fulfils its mission by providing a wide variety of services covering a diverse range of people. We work within the voluntary and community sector in Wirral by providing information, advice and support and by representing the views of the sector to government and policy-makers.






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