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Carers Assessment and the Care Act 2015

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Carer's Assessments

Several laws provide for a carer to receive an assessment. The Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 states that carers of any age are entitled to an assessment of their ability to provide, and continue to provide, care.

The Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000 also makes a provision for carers over 16 (and caring for someone over 18) to be able to request an assessment of their own needs. This applies even if the cared for person does not want an assessment of their own needs. The Local authority can therefore provide services for carers in their own right.

The information below is an overview of a carers assessment and is taken from Wirral Borough Councils website:-

If you are regularly providing, or intending to provide, a substantial amount of care to someone to help them to live at home, then you have a right to a Carers Assessment.  This is an assessment of your needs (rather than the needs of the person you care for). 
A Carer is entitled to a Carers Assessment when the person being cared for: 

  • Has had a community care assessment    
  • Has had a review of their needs
  • Has refused a community care assessment or services                                    

The Carers Assessment will take into account:

  • Your ability to continue to provide care
  • Your own health and well-being
  • The impact caring has on your own life
  • Responsibilities such as work, education, leisure and family commitments

When we assess a carer you can expect us to look into the following:

  • The range of tasks you take on and the effect this has on you.
  • Your views and feelings about the care you provide.
  • Any support you have from family, friends and neighbours.
  • Tasks you would like help with.
  • Any particular stress factors or parts of caring you find particularly difficult.
  • Your emotional, mental and physical health.
  • Other responsibilities you have such as work, education, leisure and family  commitments.
  • How willing and able you are to continue to provide care.
  • How well you understand the illness or disability of the person you care for and how it is likely to develop.

The results of your assessment and that of the person you are caring for will be taken into account when making a decision about the kind of help needed.  This is usually help to support you and the person you care for to carry on living in the place of their choice. 

What type of help is available?

We have set priorities on how and who we can help, these are eligibility criteria.  If you are not eligible for services you will be sign-posted to others sources of support. 
We are committed to helping carers to continue to look after the person they care for.  We recognise that carers have important experience and information to share. 

Is there a charge?

The person receiving care services may be asked to pay a charge for some services depending on their situation. 
Even if you are not eligible for services we can provide with helpful information. 

As you can see above, a carers assessment is there to assist you. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether you, as a carer, are eligible for support, to determine what support would be available and to establish who would provide this support.

A carers assessment should be ‘carer-centred’. It is not a test for you to pass; it is an opportunity to have your hard work and skills recognised.

For more information about carer’s assessment go to Carers Uk. or download the Carers Assessment fact sheet

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Updated April 2015