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Wirral Strategy for Carers 2014 Action Plan Update

CPB Minutes 25/9/15

CPB Minutes 26.2.16

Carers Partnership Board

Wirral has a Carers Partnership Board, which is the multi-agency strategic group that oversees the implementation of Wirral’s Strategy for Carers.
The purpose of the meetings is to make recommendations that will improve outcomes for Wirral Carers as appropriate.

The Carers Partnership does this by making itself a representative body to promote joint working with Carers, Carers organisations and partner agencies in providing support for Wirral Carers.

It will also co-ordinate the responses to any national or local consultations over issues that impact on Carers (The CPB should be an integral part of any consultation).
By developing, and monitoring the Action Plan arising from the Carers Strategy for improving outcomes for Wirral Carers and considering, influencing and, where appropriate, supporting any changes that will impact on Wirral Carers, including local and national directives and legislation it can influence standards of practice in the development and delivery of Carer services.

Governance of the meetings

  1. The elected member Carers Champion will chair the meeting or appoint a deputy as and when required.
  2. The Department of Adult Social Services will take responsibility for administration of the meeting, including minute taking, Agenda setting and ensuring that the minutes are distributed in time for members to consider them, which will be at a minimum of one week prior to the meeting.  Carer representatives can request paper copies if desired.
  3. The Carers Partnership Board will report annually to the Health and Wellbeing Board and regularly to the Department Senior Leadership Team, the Council’s Policy and Performance Families and Wellbeing Committee and Cabinet lead.
  4. Staff and Carer representatives will report back to the body that they represent.
  5. Members will commit to sending a deputy, it they are unable to attend.
  6. Minutes of the meetings will be posted, where possible, on the websites of Wirral Council, Wirral CCG and WIRED.
  7. The Carers Partnership Board will convene sub-groups for specific purposes, as required.
  8. The Carers Partnership Board will meet quarterly on the last Friday of the month from 10 am to 12.30 at the latest, unless changed by agreement by the chair.
  9. Meetings will take place at venues agreed by the members of the group.
  10. Representation and the Partnership Board’s Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually

 The Carers Partnership Board will comprise of representatives from

  • Wirral Council                              
  • DASS                                                                                
  • NHS Wirral                                                                         
  • Wirral University Teaching Hospital                                      
  • Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trust                                 
  • Children and Young People’s Department                            
  • Commissioned Voluntary Sector Carers service (s)              
  • Commissioned Young Carers service                                  
  • A representative from the Agencies for Carers Executive non- commissioned service  
  • Carer representatives, ensuring that there is broad range of representation across disability and conditions
  • Former Carer representative            
  • DWP/Jobcentre Plus        
  • Primary Care representative                                              


Reference to Standards

  • HM Government Recognised, valued and supported: Next steps for the Carers Strategy
  • Wirral’s Strategy for Carers 2014 - 2017

If you would like more information on this then please contact the Carers Helpline on  0151 670 0777 or email


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Updated December 2015