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Council Tax Discounts

Your council tax is set assuming there are two adults (aged 18 or over) in your home. If there are less than two adults in your home you should receive a discount on your council tax bill – a 25% reduction if there is only one adult in your home, a 50% reduction if there are no adults.
When counting how many adults there are in your home, some people ar ignored (they are often described as ‘invisible’). Adults who are ignored include:

  • people who are severely mentally impaired. The GP has to confirm the impairment, which can be a mental illness, a learning disability, or dementia of some kind, and they need to be on DLA, Attendance Allowance or Incapacity Benefit or other long term sickness benefits. AND
  • some carers. You must be living with the disabled person but you must not be their partner, nor their parent if the disabled person is under 18. And the disabled person must be receiving DLA highest rate care component or higher rate Attendance Allowance. The carers do not have to claim Carers Allowance to qualify for this discount.

Common situations involving these discounts are:

  • An adult couple looking after a grown-up child with learning difficulties. The child will be ‘invisible’ because they are severely mentally impaired. If the child receives DLA highest rate care both parents can be ‘invisible’ as carers. They will then be entitled to a 50% council tax discount because there are no ‘visible’ adults in the house.
  • Another couple with an aged parent with dementia. If their parent receives higher rate Attendance Allowance, again there should be a discount for severe mental impairment and two carers discounts, leaving a 50% reduction in council tax.

Council Tax Discounts are not means tested in any way and they can be backdated without limit if you can prove the conditions were satisfied. You can apply for a discount for severe mental impairment, or for a carer discount, at any council One-Stop Shop in Wirral.

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Updated April 2015