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How you can help ensure the leaving day is organised properly

Leaving hospital can be a traumatic experience for both the patient and you the carer.
Hospital staff should do a number of things to ensure the leaving day is as stress-free as possible. You can check whether the day is organised properly by looking at the following checklist:

  • Has the patient been given at least 24 hours' notice before being discharged?
  • Has transport home been arranged if necessary?
  • Have any property and valuables been returned to the patient?
  • Have any essential equipment or training been supplied?
  • Has the patient's GP been told they are being discharged?
  • Have any medicines been provided that are needed until the patient sees the GP?
  • Has information been given about symptoms to watch out for and where to get help if needed?

You, other family members or friends can also help the day go smoothly by:

  • Bringing some outdoor clothes to the hospital if necessary
  • Providing or arranging transport if this is not being organised by the hospital
  • Making sure the person's home is in order if they're going home (e.g. is it clean and tidy? Is it warm enough? Is there any food or milk in the house?)
  • If the person is going home alone, making sure someone goes with them and perhaps stays for a few hours or days if necessary
  • Making sure there are no hazards in the home (e.g. mats that someone on crutches could slip on).


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Updated April 2015