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New to Caring


There are an estimated 6 million carers in the UK, however, this number is the minimum accounted for and the figure is likely to be much higher. Of the 6 million carers in the UK, 175,000 of these are young carers (under 18 years of age).

You are a carer if you look after a relative or a friend who needs support because of age, physical or learning disability, or illness, including mental illness.

The majority of carers (71%) provide practical help to the cared for person. This includes preparing meals, shopping and laundry. At least 60% of carers provide supervision and company to the cared for person, whilst 26% of carers provide personal care and medication assistance and 35% provide physical support such as walking assistance and transportation.

As a carer you have legal rights to an assessment of your own needs and relevant services which may apply to you. Social Services have a responsibility to identify, assess and support you as a carer. However, it is believed that only 10 – 20% of carers have actually had an assessment of their needs. WIRED can offer you support and advice in assisting you to receive a carers assessment if you require one.

To work out what services would be helpful in your situation social services will need to discuss:

  • The help the person you care for needs
  • The help you are giving at the moment
  • The services your council may provide

The way this is carried out is called a carers assessment. This is an opportunity to tell social services about the things that could make caring easier for you.
To ask for an assessment or get more information contact the Central Advice and Duty Team on 0151 606 2006.

The basic needs of carers:

C   Choice – A choice of care and services you receive
A    Access – To information and services available
R    Respect – As an individual with your own needs which
may require an assessment
E    Education – By and for carers that recognise your skills and knowledge
R    Recognition – Of your contribution to care giving and being valued for this
S    Support – Relevant to your needs, respite, someone to talk to, counselling & income

For other help and advice all the carers helpline on
0151 670 0777 or contact us

Here is another useful link to Carers Direct - New to Caring






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