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Parent Carers

Who is a parent carer?

After all, aren't all parents’ carers? Yes, we are, there’s no doubt that parents are carers for life. But what about when your child has additional needs? Unless you experience this for yourself or live with a family who has a child with additional needs, then how can anyone explain the difference between being a parent and being a parent carer?And how many of us can actually identify the extra caring, stressors and long term effects that being a parent carer has when compared to typical families? When we do, how many people tell us “what a good job you’re doing” and “keep up the good work”?

Your changing needs as a parent should also be taken into consideration in your Carer's Assessment, a document that looks at the impact of your caring role on you and your family and details what support should be provided, for example short breaks, or help with household tasks.


Family Fund

Helping families in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

The Family Fund helps families with severely disabled children to have choices and the opportunity to enjoy ordinary life. We give grants for things that make life easier and more enjoyable for the disabled child and their family, such as washing machines, driving lessons, hospital visiting costs, computers and holidays.
The Family Fund is a registered charity covering the whole of the UK and is funded by the national governments of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

NHS Parent carers:-

  • Information, advice and support about caring for your child


Direct Gov parent carers:-

  • Supporting your child and family
  • Health care professionals you may come into contact with
  • Direct payments and benefits
  • Support groups
  • Relevant legislation

There are many resources available to offer advice and assistance if you are a parent carer.

If you require further assistance to make sense of all the information, or you require more help about services on the Wirral, please contact WIRED on the carers helpline.   

If you would like to meet other parents to talk about your issues call the parent carer support services Tel no 0151 670 0777

WHO IS A PARENT CARER? (follow the link)


“I never knew there was so much out there. I must have been in a cocoon.”
But then “Troubles” always seem not so big when they are shared with someone who understands the situation to some extent. After the course, we have kept in touch and are using what we have learned to support other parent carers- and each other- in many areas of our lives, from carers of the very young to adults with additional needs. We are involved in the planning of services for those with additional needs and their families. We don’t forget that we are in the same position and not to put pressure on each other, but to support and encourage each other. We don’t trivialise the pressures on parent carers, and recognise there seems to be the added pressure from services for us to give our precious time to help them make policies and provide services which meet our needs. We think this is a positive move forward to improve services for parent carers and their families.

Lynne Elwell

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Updated April 2015