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Respite care may be beneficial to you and the person you're looking after.
In some areas respite care is provided by your Local Authority as a result of you having a carers assessment. In other areas access to respite care is provided through a community care assessment for the person you're looking after. It's best, therefore, to make sure that both of you are assessed.
The first step is usually to approach the Local Authority to ask for an assessment for the person you care for – and for you as his/her carer.
The Local Authority social worker doing the assessments will consider the needs of the person you care for, and your needs as their carer, and consider what services they may be able to provide (bearing in mind local priorities and availability of services).
They will also do a financial assessment under their Charging Policy which means that you (or – more usually – the person you care for) may be charged for the services according to means.
Wirral Borough council is changing the way that respite services are provided for. Please see the section dedicated to personalisation on this website.

For more details of respite providers contact Care Choices Helpline on
0800 389 2077 (freephone)

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Updated April 2015