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St James Centre
344 Laird Street
CH41 7AL
Tel: 0151 522 7990
Fax: 0151 670 1600
Minicom: 0151 653 3230

Company No: 2997803
Charity No: 1060105

Support Wirral Carers

If you are a carer and would like to receive regular information about services that may affect you or the person you look after, you can join the Wirral Carers Register by completing the form online (use separate page for form) or requesting one by calling the Carers Helpline on 0151 670 0777 or by emailing wsco@wired.me.uk

You can support to Wirral Carers by becoming a member of the Wirral Carers Association. Meetings are held monthly, the last Wednesday of each month at Wallasey Town Hall 10am – 12pm.

By becoming a volunteer for WIRED within the Carers Team you can offer other carers your experience, advice and support. For mor details call Lynn Griffiths on 0151 6700777

You can offer financial support to Wirral Carers by sponsoring a project or activity that can help carers to be included into society or have an impact on their health and wellbeing. We are always looking for ways to identify ‘hidden carers’, these are carers who are most at risk as they do not recognise the impact looking after someone can have on their health, employment or social life. Speak to Lynn Griffithsfor further advice on 0151 670 0777 or email wsco@wired.me.uk

You can always raise the awareness by talking about the important role this countries 7 million carers do. They save this Government over 54 billion pounds each year. There are over 40,000 carers here on the Wirral.





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Updated February 2019