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Tax Credits

If you have dependent children you will need to claim Child Benefit, and probably Child Tax Credit. If you or your partner are working and on a low enough wage, you may also qualify for Working Tax Credit. Unfortunately the new Tax Credit system has no special allowances or concessions for carers.
Wirral Welfare Rights Unit – for free, confidential, independent advice on any benefit and tax credit query, contact them:

You can also write at the following address:-

Wirral Welfare Rights Unit,
conway Building,
conway Street,
CH41 6LA

They will also be able to assist you in relation to National Insurance Credit.
The DirectGov website also provides a wealth of information about Tax Credits at the following address:-

  • Direct Gov website

The Government website has a dedicated section for carers. You will find all of the information you need about benefits, support and services. The address is:


National Insurance Credit

You are credited with National Insurance for any weeks that you receive Carers Allowance. This will help ensure that you get a full State Retirement Pension. From 2002 the credits will also qualify for an additional pension, equivalent to what you would have received if you were working and earning about £12,000 a year. Carers credits will also qualify you for Incapacity Benefit if you cease being a carer and have health problems.

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Updated April 2015